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What Our Clients Say

“Ann and I just wanted to send along our deepest appreciation for the last 18 months. When you set out to build a house there is a certain level of apprehension that is probably enhanced when you have never worked with that person.

Yet we knew immediately we not only met the right builder but someone we wanted to be friends with for life. Your integrity and transparency was something we have never experienced in any of our business dealings. Of the variables and problems that arise during any construction project, you met each one, with the same principled and disciplined common sense approach that was so refreshing.

What is even more remarkable is that you were able to deliver a home run, yet we lived in different states. All the possible communication issues never materialized. Not once. That’s only possible when you work with someone with tremendous integrity who communicates daily.

What a pleasure. I’ve told Ann that I’ll never be able to build a house again with another builder. You’ve spoiled us forever.”